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Manuel Lebron
Founder-President and CEO

Manuel Lebron

Mr. Manuel Lebron is an accomplished Latino businessman who brings exceptional experience and expertise to the position of President of the Dominican American Chamber of Commerce. With a passion for serving his community, Mr. Lebron immigrated to the United States as a teenager and has made his home in Upper Manhattan, New York City.

Drawing from his background in law enforcement in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Lebron has committed himself to making a meaningful impact in his new community. Through his philanthropic efforts, he has generously provided resources and support for education and mentorship initiatives.

Believing that the success of one person is intertwined with the success of all, Mr. Lebron has been a dedicated leader for over four decades, working tirelessly to support the needs of his community. His deep ties to the business community and his commitment to the well-being of all inspired him to found the Dominican American Chamber of Commerce. Without a doubt, Mr. Lebron is an outstanding choice for the role of President of the Dominican American Chamber.


Omar Lebron

Vice president

Robert Guzman

Secretary General

Nelly Reyes

Secretary of Commerce

Vianna Abreu


Organization Council

Maria Khury

Chief Principal Counsel


Jhoan Herrera

Chief of Staff

Daniela Tineo

Administrative Assistant.
DACHamber Zahira

Zahira England

Communications Manager


Jenny Martinez

Director of Committee Initiatives

Ariela Taveras, JD

Director of Strategic Planning

Williams S. Kogan, ESQ.

DAChamber Chef Pirata Perfil

Marcos Toribio (El Pirata)

Co-Directors Culinary and Food Protection Initiatives

Persio Felix

Co-Directors Culinary and Food Protection Initiatives.